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MOSCOW – Woosters, Moscow’s newest pizza place, makes a statement as co-owner Jake Mcatee fills his business with passion and love for New York-style pizza.

Open in September, Woosters masters the art of business and cooks incredibly delicious pizzas in their custom wood-fired oven. Mcatee got the idea for the business after taking a trip to New York City and finding out what pizza looked like when carefully prepared.

Pizza making originally started in the backyard of Mcatee’s co-owners as they were making a pizza oven and starting to perfect their recipe. Finally, after help from their pizza mentor Frank Pinello, their pizzas were ready to take over Moscow.

“Moscow is a great place,” Mcatee said. “Our goal is to bring great elevated pizza to the community we love.”

Woosters work hard to make pizzas that stand out from the crowd, they undergo a unique fermentation process with their dough which tends to be gentler on people’s stomachs. By using a sourdough starter, the dough remains light and crisp, ensuring you have a pizza experience you won’t regret.

Being strongly product-oriented and experience-based, Mcatee and his team strive to perfect the art of pizza while keeping their storefront focused on the Moscow community. As you enter you are greeted by warm colored walls and the smell of wood-fired pizza. Photos line the walls of the Latah County Historical Society’s Moscow community showing Moscow through the years from their store’s perspective.

“We source as much of the product locally as possible,” said Mcatee. “We even met the guy who grows our flower. It’s huge for us to make eating here a Moscow-centric experience. Here, we expect everything and that sets us apart from the rest ”.

Woosters’ menu is filled with a wide variety of pizzas and side dishes that will make your mouth water. From garlic knots with their light dough and garlic shavings, gold medal cheese pizza, and more. Mcatee lives off the idea that you’ll eat pizza, but you’ll remember the good one.

“Woosters has a new take on classic pizza,” said Jessie Watson, a member of the Moscow community. “Their service has been good and their delivery is fast.”

Their menu also features a lunch special that drives lunch prices up on the park’s main street. Individuals can get two slices of pizza and a soda for just seven dollars. They sell wine by the bottle at a fraction of the price of other establishments and specialty beer like the Steinbach, which keeps their entertainment factor at its highest.

For people with food allergies and in need of special accommodation, Woosters allows customers to bring dairy-free cheese and will prepare a special fresh pizza to bypass allergies. For those who are gluten free, they are also working on a gluten free crust, however, they want to make sure it is perfect before releasing it.

“We don’t want to be incredibly proud of our regular products and slack off gluten-free,” Mcatee said. “We are constantly improving all aspects of the business and this is something we hope to improve soon. We are really passionate and want our product to be iconic ”.

For more on Woosters, check out their Instagram @WoostersMoscow or visit their storefront 214 S, Main St. Moscow, Idaho 83843.


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