What Your Couple’s Halloween Costume Says About The Relationship

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Halloween is one of the best days of the year for couples. Not only can you kick off your relationship on Instagram with a sexy couples costume, but you can also learn a little more about your partner based on their Halloween costume preferences.

Do they prefer a cheap do-it-yourself Halloween costume for couples or do they opt for a fun Halloween costume? Do they spend months before the October 31 holiday thinking about their costume, or do they come up with a last-minute couples costume idea the night before? Whatever their answers are, it’s all incredible information about what your future with this person could look like, even beyond Halloween.

But knowing more about your partner doesn’t stop there. Turns out, there might be some real psychology behind what your couple’s Halloween costume says about your relationship.

“Choosing a Halloween costume that’s in tune with your partner can definitely be an indicator of relationship strength,” licensed psychologist Lindsay Popilskis, PhD, tells POPSUGAR.

Although she clarifies that there are “significantly better and more reliable indicators that can be used to determine the status of a relationship”, the couples costume that you and your partner both decide on could mean more. deep. For fun, let’s take a look at the most popular couples’ Halloween costumes and what they might say about your relationship. (And please, I strongly encourage you to send this to your partner to check us out.)

A classic pop culture reference

Think: Sandy and Danny from “Grease” or Baby and Johnny from “Dirty Dancing”

You and your partner probably like to keep things a little traditional, says Andrea Dindinger, licensed therapist and relationship coach. It could mean that your relationship is very similar to the “old school” way of dating, and you’re not necessarily looking to change things up anytime soon. Not to be confused with being regressive, however, chances are you just enjoy chivalry here and there. It may warm your heart when your partner walks on the side of the street closest to the cars. Maybe you would like your partner to ask your parents for permission to propose. Either way, you and your lover “probably expect their partner to behave stereotypically and reliably,” Dindinger adds.

A classic Halloween costume

Think: a nurse and a patient or a devil and an angel

These typical costumes have proven themselves, and “the same can be said of your relationship,” says Dr. Popilskis. This means that your relationship “has a high level of comfort based on trust and intimacy”. Although your relationship might be somewhat misinterpreted as “basic,” it’s likely that you and your partner like to play it safe, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

A recent pop culture moment in 2022

Think: Rue and Jules from “Euphoria” or Anthony and Kate from “Bridgerton”

If there was one adjective to describe your relationship, it would be “spontaneous”. Dr. Popilskis says that you and your person “probably live in the moment” and don’t think too far into the future. “You’re not the type of couple to dwell on past mistakes or worry about what the future holds for both of you,” she says. “Instead, you go with the flow and are able to enjoy being in each other’s presence in the moment.” Basically, you’re all the adrenaline junkies in your group of friends who refuse to plan more than 10 days.

A superhero reference

Think: Spider-man and Mary Jane or Batman and Batwoman

Did someone say “power torque”? In this relationship, you and your partner are likely to “work hard, play hard, and expect the best out of [each other]You’re probably each other’s greatest cheerleaders, pushing each other to become even better versions of yourselves — mentally, physically, and by winning the pickleball tournament. of the weekend.

A funny (or punny) couple costume

Think: ketchup and mustard or salt and pepper

OK, we get it, you two are probably the funniest people in the room. After all, “this couple loves to have fun and be playful,” Dindinger says. But even beyond that, you’re both “independently dependent,” says Dr. Popilskis. “You both know how to have a good time alone and you don’t mind being the center of attention individually, but you’re happiest and strongest when you’re together.” In other words, you do not complete your partner, but you complete him. Think of yourself as the pea in your partner’s pod – maybe even literally.

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