Valerie Bertinelli chose a doctor who suggested that she lose weight before she got pregnant

  • Valerie Bertinelli engaged with Twitter followers and fans in an exchange about body shame and fatphobia among healthcare providers.
  • The Food Network host shared a personal story of how an allergist advised her to “lose some weight” before she became pregnant.
  • Hundreds of Valerie’s followers have shared similar stories.

    Editor’s Note: This article contains a discussion of weight loss and mentions calories, pounds, and / or other external terms and measures that people trying to recover from messy eating or eating disorders may be looking to avoid. .

    It has been a moving few weeks for Valerie Bertinelli, as host of Food Network, 61, and former One day at a time the star has faced harsh realities about her past.

    Earlier this month, Valerie took to Instagram to condemn a viewer’s comment about her weight, sharing an emotional plea for anyone listening to stop commenting on the weight altogether. “Aren’t we tired of shaming women yet ?! she wrote in the comments of the video, nearly a year after talking about her long struggle to find self-esteem while working in the entertainment industry.

    The old one Hot in Cleveland The star hasn’t given up on speaking out about the problematic habits and trends associated with food culture. Meet an entertainment writer Wendy Molyneux, Valerie took to Twitter this week to explain how doctors and healthcare providers can be fatphobic in their treatment of patients.

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    “I went to the doctor this morning for a broken toe. Guess what she wanted to discuss first [and] I’ll give you no guess “, Molyneux sarcastically shared on twitter. The tweet garnered over 1,000 responses focused on discussions about weight loss in doctor’s offices and other clinical treatment centers. Later, Molyneux expressed a more sincere sentiment: “It’s really telling that so many people knew what I meant!

    The responses and exchanges on this Twitter thread clearly touched Valerie, who ended up retweeting it alongside a medical horror story of her own.

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    “I told my asthmatic doctor that I was thinking of getting pregnant,” began Valérie in her own thread. “He told me that maybe I wanted to lose some weight first. I WEIGHED 126 POUNDS.”

    Sadly, Valerie isn’t the only one to experience bodily shame as a result of the big phobia in the medical communities, largely due to the use of body mass index by clinical care providers. Medical experts and critics have long debated the use of BMI in modern holistic therapy, with many calling it obsolete and unrelated to many diseases today.

    Valerie’s story has prompted hundreds of her followers to share stories about how their doctors challenged body weight for seemingly unrelated medical issues.

    If one thing is clear, it’s that Valerie isn’t afraid of criticism for her outspokenness against food culture.

    “I bought my whole life in the food industry, then I became part of the problem, so today I am getting the karma for my actions,” she said publicly on Twitter. “You can go ahead and judge whatever you want. However, I can warn you, from experience, that this kind of karma doesn’t feel right either.”

    We expect more revelations from Valérie in the months leading up to the release of her new memoirs, Enough already: learning to love as I am today, which is expected to be released in January 2022.

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