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Supplement Place’s EU Allergy Index revealed the list after analyzing allergy-related hospitalizations, local asthma rates and air quality. The statistics have all been counted and ranked to give each UK site an overall allergy score. Over eight million people in the UK have been diagnosed with asthma. Here are the top three places that are considered the best places to visit that are least likely to trigger allergy symptoms.

1. Liverpool Allergy Score: 8.72

The most suitable English city for allergy-seekers looking for a vacation is Liverpool, which came out on top with an allergy score of 8.72. This coastal city has excellent air quality, scoring as low as three on the Air Quality Index, and a low local asthma rate of 6.40%.

2. Ipswich Allergy Score: 8.63

Ipswich has the second best allergy score of 8.63. This is due to a very low rate of allergy-related hospital admissions, at just 46.5 per 100,000, combined with a near-perfect Air Quality Index score of one.

3. Derby allergy score: 8.62

Derby takes third place for being good for allergy sufferers, with an allergy score of 8.62. This East Midland town has excellent air quality, having also received an almost perfect AQI score of one.

The Supplement Place team commented on how you can fight your summer allergies:

“While there are many ways to improve your health that will make the summer more enjoyable, such as exercise, eating a balanced diet, and taking the right vitamin supplements, none of them will stop you from falling victim to it. summer allergies.

You can boost your immune system to fight summer allergies by adding anti-inflammatory drugs such as fresh ginger to your daily diet and consuming local honey regularly. “

They added, “Local honey is a great option for combating hay fever because it familiarizes your body with local pollens, allowing your immune system to produce antibodies to specifically counter plants that are local to you.

“Unfortunately, the benefits of eating local honey take time to develop, so it won’t be an effective way to prevent hay fever while traveling. So, why not plan a summer trip that takes you away from it all. pollen and pollution in a place where you can breathe at ease and enjoy the warmer months in peace? “

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