The TikTok “Stab the Crab” is a hilarious way to learn more about EpiPen’s security


Every once in a while, a certain story told through TikTok goes incredibly viral and becomes a talking point for users for a while. Well that’s exactly what happened to Tay Kobb (@taykobb), who shared a goofy dating story that educated viewers while making them laugh.

Tay’s video has gone viral because it’s so unique and fun, as well as a great idea. So what happened in the ‘stab the crab’ TikTok, why is it viral and what does it even mean? Here’s a breakdown.

The TikTok “stab the crab” has gone viral due to the creator’s hilarious (and ingenious) idea.

The TikTok “stab the crab” addresses a problem all too common in individuals: anaphylaxis. According to American Asthma and Allergy Foundation, the condition “is common in the United States. It occurs in about one in 50 Americans. Many believe the rate to be higher than that. It is probably closer to one in 20.”

With this high level of prevalence, the fear of experiencing anaphylactic shock is on the minds of many, and something this user has had to deal with on a date.

“So one time I was just starting dating this guy,” Tay said before elaborating on how things turned out badly.

“Now, okay, this next part could be my fault; life-threatening allergies seemingly should be a talking point on the first or second date. But anyway, he drank a shrimp cocktail before meeting me for the night. Things were going well, so his tongue might have ended up in my mouth later that night. “

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The user went on to say that she had started “to go into anaphylactic shock”, explaining, “He grabs my EpiPen and passes it over my chest and I’m like [gesturing no] ‘Honey, it’s not pulp Fiction, I’m not Uma Thurman, please refrain, and for goodness sake brush your teeth next time. “

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Ouch. The story has a happy ending, however: “Later, after I wasn’t dying, it got me thinking. I decided to get this new tattoo; it’s called Merlin,” he said. she said, showing an image of a crab tattooed on the upper left thigh.

She concluded the video by saying, “So when I have to explain how to use my EpiPen again to someone, I can gasp through the last few breaths,” stab the crab. “”

The video, shared on September 4, 2020, has racked up over 1.5 million views and countless interactions; even Reddit Discussions have arisen about the ingenuity of using a tattoo to mark the point where an EpiPen should be injected into a person’s thigh.

A user too wrote tattoos making others aware of their specific allergies: “At the studio where I worked, we did a ton of allergy tattoos, that’s a great idea. A woman had a severe bee allergy so she tattooed a bee and an allergy written underneath on her hand. “

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