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Online pharmacy

Online pharmacy

TeleDaddy, a direct-to-consumer healthcare platform comprising a telemedicine platform, digital online pharmacy and digital therapy deployment platform is for sale.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, United States, November 15, 2021 / – Telepapa, a direct-to-consumer health platform using state-of-the-art Telemedecine The platform, online digital pharmacy and digital therapy deployment platform supporting everything from diagnosis by licensed physicians in the United States to the delivery of FDA-approved drugs to our patients is at to sell.
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Strengths of the telemedicine platform
☑SureScripts certified to send prescriptions electronically to 65,000 pharmacies across the United States.
Video consultation
☑ SMS and chat on the internal platform
☑ Symptoms and diagnosis powered by artificial intelligence.
HIPAA Compliant
Drug Interaction Checker
Capture electronic consent
LegitScript certified
Online pharmacy Strong points
☑ Online pharmacy platform
☑ Florida physical pharmacy location with online pharmacy capability.
☑ 25+ Active state license
DEA license active
☑ All major insurances accepted
☑ Direct consumer subscription offer for erectile dysfunction drugs, birth control, migraine, hair loss, skin care, smoking cessation, anaphylaxis, allergies, etc.
HUB Pharmacy
☑ Manufacturer solutions for brand name drugs like Contrave, Ubrelvy, Nurtec ODT, Cambia, Zomig Nasal Spray, Stendra, Addyi, Xulane, Qbrexza, Afrezza, Tosymra, Emgality… ..etc.
☑ Online pharmacy platform
☑ Telemedicine platform
☑ Digital therapy platform (DTx) for Leva, EndeavorRx, Somryst, reSET, reSET-O… etc.
☑ Online telemedicine for pets and online pharmacy for pets

Laboratory test
☑ Contact lens platform

Over-the-counter medications
☑ Medical marijuana card

* Platform work in progress.

Common questions:
Q: Does the business generate income?
A: Yes
Q: Why would someone buy your business?
A: Our company is a turnkey operation.
Q: Who is competitor in your space?
A: We have the multiple platform:
☑ Online pharmacy platform:
– Alto pharmacy
– Capsule pharmacy
– NowRx Pharmacy
☑ Direct to Consumer Health Platform:
– Him
– Ro Health
☑ Digital therapy deployment platform:
– Phil
– UpScript
☑ Telemedicine platform:
– MdLive
– TelaDoc Health
Q: Do you have a physical pharmacy?
A: Yes
Q: How many states can you serve from your physical pharmacy and what’s the plan to serve all 50 states?
A: We can serve over 25 states from our physical pharmacy located in Florida. For other states, we try to obtain a pharmacy license for non-residents. If we needed to be satisfied immediately in other states, then we have two pharmacies ready to take over the remaining states.
Q: How are you pricing in direct-to-consumer offerings compared to the competition?
A: Our prices are 25% to 80% lower than the competitor with up to 50% gross margin on the first order and up to 80% gross margin on the recurring order.
Q: Can you say more about the Digital Therapy Deployment Platform?
A: Digital Therapy (DTx) is a category of digital health defined by the Digital Therapeutics Alliance as products that “provide evidence-based therapeutic interventions to patients that are driven by high quality software to prevent, manage or treat a medical condition or illness. “Teledaddy provides 360 ° access from patient consultation, coverage determination, co-payment collection to delivery of digital content to the patient from a single platform.
Q: How can we request a demo of all features?
A: Please send us a request on [email protected]
– A medical prescription is required for the purchase.

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