Tedisco and Santabarbara will make July 4th safer for everyone



Governor to sign Tedisco Law, Santabarbara Bill to allow state park rangers, park police to transport EpiPens to help save lives

Senator Tedisco and Assembly Member Santabarbara’s New Biparty Law Adds Rangers and Rangers, Environmental Conservation Police, who are the first to respond to emergencies in our state parks and grounds camping, to a long list of professionals who can treat people with serious and life-threatening allergies. reactions

Ahead of the busy Independence Day weekend as millions of New Yorkers head to campgrounds and our state parks, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo will sign sponsored legislation today and adopted by Sen. Jim Tedisco (R, C-Glenville) and Assembly Member Angelo Santabarbara (D, C-Rotterdam) to help save lives by allowing park rangers and state parks to transport EpiPens to treat people with severe allergic reactions in an emergency.

Epinephrine injectors, also known as “EpiPens”, are used to reverse the effects of severe allergic reactions or anaphylaxis caused by bee stings, drug reactions, food allergies or shock. induced by exercise.

The new law adopted by Senator Tedisco and Deputy Santabarbara, S.4375 / A.4652, authorizes forest rangers, park rangers and environmental conservation police officers to own and administer EpiPens. The move clarifies the law for nearly 700 professionals, including park rangers and police officers, who patrol and work on more than 18.6 million acres of forested land in New York State.

The list of persons authorized under New York State law who can administer an EpiPen already includes paramedics, employees of children’s night camps and summer day camps, public school personnel and private individuals, as well as employees who work in sports and entertainment venues, amusement parks, restaurants, youth organizations and sports leagues, daycares and retail businesses. Law enforcement and firefighters were added to the law in 2019 thanks to legislation sponsored by Senator Tedisco and co-sponsored in the State Assembly by MP Santabarbara.

“The weekend of Independence Day and the the summer season is now upon us and after the overwhelming isolation that New Yorkers experienced during this pandemic, they are literally and figuratively “itchy” to get out and visit our campgrounds and state parks to recreate themselves. Hikers, campers, swimmers, hunters and picnickers are waiting for you. Unfortunately, these will be bites and allergic reactions. This is why we need our rangers, rangers and environmental conservation police officers to be able to wear life-saving EpiPens to help respond to a severe allergic reaction ”, said Senator Jim Tedisco.. “I would like to thank Governor Cuomo for signing this sane, bipartisan new law that I was proud to sponsor and which will ensure that New York State’s 700 dedicated park wardens, rangers and conservation officers have the capacity, if they need to. wish, to carry EpiPens on patrol so that we can help save lives.

“Summer is upon us and now is the perfect time to take advantage of all the wonderful parks and trails our state has to offer,” said MP Angelo Santabarbara. “While the great outdoors offer endless sources of exploration and adventure, it’s important to stay safe. An unexpected allergic reaction to food, insect bites, and stings can occur, and people on the trail may need life-saving intervention. Ensuring our environmental professionals are licensed to transport and use EpiPens will save lives. “


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