Stephanie Davis says battle of Covid is ‘horrible’ but focuses on improvement



Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis opened up to fans about her battle with Covid-19 after being rushed to hospital on Thursday. She admitted that she is still in pain and has trouble eating and sleeping, but she is focusing on her recovery

Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis spoke to fans about her battle with Covid-19 after being rushed to hospital on Thursday. She admitted she was still in pain and struggled to eat and sleep, but focused on her recovery

Former Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis told fans she was in “absolutely horrible” pain as she continued to fight Covid-19 in hospital.

The 28-year-old star was rushed to hospital on Thursday after testing positive for the coronavirus and opened up to fans in an online article telling them she was “focused” on improving.

In her latest Instagram story, she appeared sleepy and spoke to the camera lying down, looking exhausted and barely able to keep her eyes open.

The actress said, “Hello guys, thanks for all your messages. I can’t sleep well. I’m lowering the camera today. I woke up in pain. I’m just going to focus on my recovery. now but I just wanted to say, thanks for all your posts.

“I woke up hungry and can’t wait to be able to eat again. But yeah, I sit her down on my love.

“Covid has been absolutely horrible.”

Stephanie Davis says Covid left her in agony



“Today or yesterday has been the worst day yet. I’m just focusing on getting better. But thanks for all of your posts. It really means a lot. I’ll let you know when I feel a little better. . “

Steph, who played Sinead O’Connor on the Channel Four soap opera until 2019, mentions having “a camera down” and most likely referring to an exploratory medical procedure – usually an endoscopy – where a camera is placed in the body. patient’s throat to aid in diagnosis.

She continued: I am anxious as I put the camera down today, but I hope this will see what is causing me all the pain.

Former Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davies was rushed to A&E with Covid on Thursday night


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“I just wanna get out of this. I’m fine. I’m just sick of it hurting.”

The mother of the family signed her message urging the public to “stay safe,” adding: “Please stay safe. Wear your masks, wash your hands. This is absolutely horrible. I love you. guys.”

Steph, who has four-year-old son Caben-Albi, has previously been seen wearing an oxygen mask and said she felt like she had been “run over”.

Former Hollyoaks star looks exhausted and could barely keep her eyes open



Although she is only in her twenties, the actress suffers from asthma and therefore falls into a higher risk category for Covid.

Stephanie is known to suffer from severe food allergies and have a history of anaphylaxis, which makes it harder to get vaccinated, according to MailOnline.

Government Covid Advisory Says Jabs Should Not Be Given To Those Who “Have Had A Previous Systemic Allergic Reaction (Including Immediate Onset Anaphylaxis)” To A Previous Dose Of The Covid Jab, Or Any Component jab.

The jab contains polyethylene glycol, a substance which can trigger allergic reactions in very rare cases.


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