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SAN FRANCISCO, April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SimX has launched a virtual reality (VR) program of essential EMS training scenarios designed to prepare front-line care professionals to provide intensive care and avoid errors in emergency situations. Working with experts in medical education and primary care, SimX’s physician-led clinical team has developed a comprehensive curriculum for EMTs and paramedics through their VR software platform.

SimX has previously developed training programs for nurses and the military, and the new EMS program includes immersive virtual reality training scenarios intended to prepare new EMTs and advanced paramedics. In addition to the standard SimX training modules, the EMS curriculum includes all-new VR scenarios for pre-hospital stroke care, advanced trauma care, medication overdoses, acute heart attacks, and anaphylaxis. The SimX platform uses wireless VR headsets to navigate a scenario and is multiplayer, allowing multiple learners to be in the same virtual environment simultaneously, even if they are in different locations.

“Traditional EMS simulation training can be expensive and logistically complex, requiring coordination between instructors, students, live models and environments,” said SimX CEO Dr. Ryan Ribeira“The SimX system provides immersive clinical scenarios at a fraction of the cost and can be delivered from any location using our patented cloud-based software.”

SimX has created an industry leader virtual reality medical simulation platform which is used worldwide and by top institutions including the Mayo Clinic, Stanford, North West, University of Pennsylvania, the US Air Force and many more. It allows trainees to work together in multiplayer virtual reality cases, either together in the same space or from the safety of their own home. SimX has developed a unique system that allows for a “holodeck-like” experience without drop-down menus or virtual selections. You talk and interact with virtual patients the same way you would in real life. SimX’s scalable scenario system enables rapid development of new training materials and cases, and instant deployment to all learners. Learn more about the SimX system at




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