Signs your pet needs a vet visit

One of the easiest ways to tell when your pet is not feeling well is to observe their eating habits and droppings. “A change in the color, consistency, smell, or regularity of stools can all be a sign of inappropriate foods, allergies, viruses, bacteria, intestinal parasites, or organ problems,” a said Jessica Trimble of Fuzzy Pet Health. Initiated. If they are suffering from diarrhea, constipation, or have blood in their stools, they should be taken to the vet. Additionally, if they are vomiting with a range of symptoms like excessive water intake and lethargy, this may indicate a possible virus in their stomach.

For cats, prolonged panting or “open-mouthed breathing…is almost always a sign of respiratory distress due to an illness like asthma or heart disease,” veterinarian Dr. Oscar E. Chavez told Insider. In general, pay attention to any changes in breathing or activity as they may signal something that needs to be checked. Other physical changes to note are dilated pupils, drooping eyes, bumps or patches of baldness, all of which require a formal diagnosis.

But if your pet is bleeding, has open sores, suddenly collapses, has a seizure, vomits excessively and/or can’t seem to vomit despite trying, has trouble breathing, eats toxins, is in distress during labor or is disoriented, take them to the vet immediately as these are emergency symptoms (via American Kennel Club).

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