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Believe it or not, dog park etiquette is a fact of life. Certain rules must be followed and common sense is always needed when at a dog park to ensure no humans or dogs are harmed.

A young woman recently spoke about a man and his children who seem to know nothing about how to behave around dogs at a dog park.

This woman has three dogs with sensitive stomachs, and two of the three have real food allergies.

She’s a regular at her local dog park, where they follow a fairly standard “community rule” of not giving treats to another person’s dog without the owner’s permission.

Everyone at the park agreed to follow this rule, except for one man and his two children.

The man allows his children to regularly feed the dogs without asking permission from their owners.

The worst part is that most of the food isn’t even for dogs. The woman describes it as “cooked leftovers that her children eat and give to the dogs when they are full.”

One day, the man had taken his children to the park to feed ducks. A sign in the park was hung advising visitors not to feed the ducks bread as it could cause them stomach problems, but the man totally ignored the sign and started feeding them a whole loaf of bread .

Then her young daughter started feeding the dogs in the park with slices of bread, including this young woman’s.

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