Over 14,000 cured of food allergies, women’s careers saved and mega opportunities ahead in LA

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disrupt women’s careers, cure food allergies, improve the city of Los Angeles, find your radiant self and authentic Indian art at your doorstep

We have cured 14,000 patients with all levels of complexity and severity, reaching a point of remission. They can now eat any amount of this food whereas before a small amount could kill them.

— Dr. Inderpal Randhawa

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 30, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The INDUSTRY show, the widely broadcast entrepreneurial talk show, has announced the release of its July 22 episodes. This cohort includes five global entrepreneurs and executives spread across different functions and geographies, each creating massive global impact.

“Our alumnus is a highly diverse group of entrepreneurs with a truly global footprint and holistic perspective. Watch our list of entrepreneurs this month who are helping and growing women’s careers, keeping authentic art alive, illuminating our best and shining, saving lives and providing freedom, and modernizing the second largest city in the United States.It is an absolute joy to be part of such a diverse group of thought leaders.said Dr. Nitin Bajaj, host of The INDUStry Show.

Allison Whalen founded Parentaly after returning to work after her first parental leave and finding her part of the business in disarray. After surveying her peers, she found that the main complaint about parental leave was the disruption the time away created in their careers, not parenting or health issues.

“It’s the time, especially for women, where they start to leave their favorite career. Every time they have a child, it continues to hurt them professionally. The epiphany I had was so It’s not an oh situation, it’s just what it is when you become a parent. It’s not like you, your ambitions, and everything and everyone around you changes, and it’s is the way it should always be,” Whalen said.

Sheetal Ajmani is a pediatrician, best-selling author and founder of the Radiant Living Institute – guiding strong, successful women to unstuck and live radiant again after major life transitions. Her holistic approach combines modern science, yoga, Ayurveda, mindset, mindfulness and psychology.

“You are right, I serve in many ways. In my training and career as an author and pediatrician, I have helped and served children and families. However, Yoga and Ayurveda address very different parts of ourselves than traditional allopathic medicine, which is very focused on the physical body. What I really enjoy about working with Radiant Living is being able to dive deeper into those inner dialogues that we have. It has been validated that our emotions, our mind, our mental state, our emotional state, the thoughts we think directly affect how we present ourselves every day, physically,” Dr. Ajmani replied to a question posed by Dr. Bajaj.

Sanchit Govil is the co-founder of Lal10 – a trendy threads B2B platform that facilitates verified purchases of authentic Indian products. Previously, Sanchit held leadership positions at Bechtel, Flipkart, Honda and Yamaha. He is an alumnus of NITIE and Delhi College of Engineering (DCE). Sanchit is in Forbes 30 under 30 and Entrepreneur media’s 35 under 35.

“Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) create huge job opportunities in India. At Lal10, we work in tier 2 and 3 cities in the most rural parts of India. We provide these MSMEs with two-way visibility and exposure and help them scale their products and offerings globally,” Govil said.

Ted Ross is chief information officer for the city of Los Angeles and chief executive of the Information Technology Agency (ITA). Ted leads a team of 450 people that provides enterprise IT services to 48,000 city employees in 41 departments and more than 4 million residents. The LA Business Journal awarded him CIO of the Year. Ted is a speaker at global conferences such as Andreessen-Horowitz Tech Summit, Milken Institute and NASSCOM in India and is regularly featured in Fortune Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and The Economist.

“In 2028, the city of Los Angeles will host the Summer Olympics for the third time. Very few cities have had this huge honor, and that means we have to prepare for the Olympics. “SmartCity infrastructure needed to be able to accommodate that many people for a period of time. We need to be able to showcase the digital services that we might involve. We can get people to the places they want to go and the events they want to go to. We we could get them there in time with next-gen transportation mobility solutions and then we could do it in a safe way where everyone could really get the full benefit of the Summer Olympics for what it’s worth, and not having to deal with the public safety issues associated with it.But even more important than the Olympics themselves is the timeliness of what it inherited. Olympic age will allow,” Ross said.

Ross continued: “When I think back to the 1984 Olympics, I remember a lot of really great things – great Olympic events and really great Olympic moments. Although probably the greatest legacy of the 1984 Olympics was the fact that over 800,000 young people in Los Angeles enjoyed free athletics, free sports, and free games. People learned to play baseball, football and soccer, and all kinds of big and connected sports; and were able to be healthier and enjoyed an athletic lifestyle. It all came from the Olympics. So when I think of the 2028 Olympics, it’s not just a great opportunity to modernize the cityscape and really take a huge leap forward as a smart city, but also an opportunity to have a legacy that goes well beyond 2028.”

Inderpal Randhawa is the Founder, CEO of the Southern California Food Allergy Institute (SCFAI) and Founder of the Translational Pulmonary and Immunology Research Center (TPIRC). It has revolutionized the treatment of food allergies thanks to the Tolerance Induction Program™. Harnessing the power of AI and ML, the program has treated over 12,000 patients, allowing them to eat foods they were once allergic to without fear of a reaction.

“I myself am not affected by food anaphylaxis and my children do not have it. I am a transplant immunologist by training and have spent my time in intensive care before. Honestly, I had no interest in this field and this disease, even until about 2004-05. I was just struck by the fact that these patients coming in were so sick from a very small amount of exposure to a food that they would in many ways be sicker than some of my transplant patients. It really bothered me when they said there was really nothing we could do about it. So I took my transplant history and said there had to be a better way to study this dietary exposure differently. I have spent several years studying different types of proteins in various types of foods such as eggs, milk, peanuts, nuts, etc., and have found very clear patterns between these subgroups. More interestingly, an immune response that was predictable. That said, it wasn’t a simple relationship, more like multivariate math. So I taught myself Python, a coding language, and found a way to study an immune response using proteins in other plants and animals; to turn off the allergic response. said Dr. Randhawa.

“We have successfully achieved this with over 14,000 patients, with the largest center of its kind in the world. This is for patients of all levels of complexity and severity reaching a point of remission, so they can actually eat any amount of this food now, where before a small amount could almost kill them” , added Dr. Randhawa.

“I am constantly amazed at the massive impact our network has created across all walks of life. The ability of entrepreneurs to tackle global challenges and of investors to help, guide, foster and support those who meet the challenges is extremely We at The INDUStry Show are extremely fortunate and proud to be in the midst of this exciting journey,” said Mohini Todkari.

“I look forward to these relatable and inspiring stories every week. The team at The INDUStry Show and one line life lessons. These lessons are simple yet profound, and I have found some of them to be life changing. I love that there are several hundred available on their website and other social media to inspire, motivate and most importantly lead to meaningful action as we navigate the ups and downs of our journeys. entrepreneurial. The work The INDUStry Show team does resonates with our mission to keep purpose at the heart of everything we do and to help entrepreneurs,” said Ash Patel of Commercial Bank of California a longtime supporter of The INDUStry Show.

“We remain supportive of representation from AAPI, BIPOC, immigrants, and women entrepreneurs and executives. Last year, in season 6 (2021), we shared 50 entrepreneurial journeys, from Baltimore to Bangalore. The entrepreneurial journey is fun, though difficult and even lonely. Even more for immigrants, minorities and women. Despite these challenges, 44% of US-based unicorn founders today are first-generation immigrants born outside the United States. It is a testament to courage and relentless entrepreneurship. We are proud of the accomplishments of our network and our ability to come together when an exceptional need or opportunity arises. With the support of visionary entrepreneurs and philanthropists such as Ash Patel of Commercial Bank of California and Manu Shah of MS International, I believe we have reached an inflection point as a community and greater things lie ahead. horizon,” Dr. Bajaj concluded.

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