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Lunch at work does not automatically come with a license to relax. A friend mentioned over the weekend that she was looking for other work lunch ideas that don’t need to be refrigerated.

My friend is thrifty, likes variety, and likes to reheat leftovers from restaurant meals the next day like simple lunches. However, his workplace refrigerator is in a remote location, which is unsuitable for him. She greets the public and leaving her desk long enough to heat up her lunch isn’t always an option.

She is not alone. Students who bring their lunch to school do not have access to a refrigerator either. If you make sales calls or spend the day stopping at construction sites, you can throw a lunch bag in your vehicle or stop for a sandwich or fast food.

Food safety guidelines recommend not leaving any food lying around for more than two hours, so a lunch that has been in your back seat since you left for work this morning could be moonlighting like a petri dish. . Even though the weather is getting colder, your car is still picking up a lot of rays while you are working hard.

If you don’t have access to a refrigerator, now is the time to get creative. There are many ways to keep your lunch cool and safe.

Consider switching to an insulated lunch bag that can hold one or two reusable frozen ice packs. Keeping a few reusable ice packs in the freezer is a convenient way to not only keep lunches cool while you work, but also farmer’s market finds while you shop on a hot day. Keep an eye out for the different sizes and dimensions available online; many ice packs are designed specifically for lunch boxes and cooler bags, which takes a lot of costly guesswork, and they’re likely to take up less of your valuable freezer space.

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