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(BAGUETTE) – What does it mean if you see a teal pumpkin outside a house during a sleight of hand? Such a place is unlikely to offer traditional sweets.

As part of what’s called The Teal Pumpkin Project, some homes will be handing out non-food or allergen-free treats on Halloween. The program was first created in 2012 by a local Tennessee food allergy group. FARE then got involved and extended it to all American states.

The program has grown in popularity and has helped children with health conditions that limit food options. Many popular Halloween candies contain ingredients such as nuts, milk, eggs, soy or wheat, which are among the most common food allergies.

Participating homes place a teal-colored pumpkin on their porch or door, which means they offer non-traditional options. Some suggested items they can give to treat treats include low-cost toys or knick-knacks, including some that match the Halloween theme. See a list in a NBC Chicago story for more ideas.

FARE has a neighborhood map of participating locations as part of a partnership with Allergy Insider. They also have a free, downloadable Teal Pumpkin Project garden sign that a participant can use.

People are advised to put the candy in a separate container if they choose to offer both traditional treats and alternatives. If a child has food allergies, a parent should offer them a teal-colored bucket for their treats.

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