Major X-Men hero has weirdest weakness in the comics


Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, is vital to the safety and security of Krakoa … but one small weakness can bring down all of his duplicates at once.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for X-Corp # 3!

Of all the X Men in the Marvel universe, Jamie Madrox – Multiple man – possesses one of the most unique and powerful mutant powers. With the ability to duplicate itself dozens and potentially hundreds of times, Madrox can grow into a one-man army … but that army suffers from crippling weakness. The savior of Krakoa Island can also bring about his end.

Multiple Man is unlike any other mutant in existence, starting with his powers that manifest at the time of birth (most mutant powers manifest when the mutant is a teenager). Each impact on Jamie’s body creates an exact copy of himself, but he can also create them at will by clapping his hands, snapping his fingers, and more. duplicates, gets all the memories and skills each learned. Jamie initially rejected Professor X’s invitation to join the X-Men, but he has recently become a staple on the mutant island of Krakoa. Unfortunately, Multiple Man – all of him – can be brought down by the most banal of weaknesses: a simple allergy.

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Some kind of primer appears before X-Corp # 3 – written by Tini Howard with illustrations by Valentine De Landro and colors by Sunny Gho – which describes Jamie’s powers in detail. The entire X-Corp laboratory is composed only of him – or rather, its duplicates, which must follow the precise instructions left by the original. Along with a complicated week-long schedule, Jamie’s notes shed light on exactly how his powers work – and how they don’t. In particular, a small note at the bottom of its instructions states “Believe it or not, some of us actually have different allergies and food tastes, so be respectful in the kitchen.” It’s a small note in a fairly large letter of instructions, but the implications are pretty deadly.

This is proof that not all of Jamie’s duplicates are biologically the same. Readers already know that Jamie sometimes sent his duplicates out into the world for months, if not years, each learning different skills (one of which even became a priest Jamie left alone, refusing to reabsorb him). If a duplicate develops an allergic reaction to an unknown allergy and Jamie reabsorbs that duplicate, it is possible that Jamie is compromised, along with each subsequent duplicate. In the current comic book continuity, many copies of Multiple Man are needed to run and maintain the Krakoa mutant paradise and without him the island simply wouldn’t have the manpower to function properly.

Weird Weaknesses are part of the course when it comes to comics, but Jamie’s Weakness is also a unique glimpse into how his powers work when the proverbial many become one. A weakness in one member could hypothetically bring down the entire team, and even the mutant’s new Krakoa nation with it. For the sake of all mutants around the world, it’s a good thing that Multiple man well educated its duplicates regarding kitchen etiquette in the workplace.

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