Local News: Chartwells shares preview of Henderson Street Subs’ fall semester menu in Spring Sneak Peeks (4/20/22)

Freshman nursing major Claire Garris and new freshman Noah Steckel sample Henderson Street Subs at Houck’s during the Spring Sneak Peek. The Chartwells Sneak Peaks were held every Thursday across campus during the second half of the Spring 2022 semester.

Photo by Kyrie Padberg

A Henderson Street Subs pop-up took place from 4-6pm on April 14 at Houck’s Place. New dining options and meal plan changes are coming to the SEMO campus during the fall semester.

Henderson Street Subs introduced the Avocado and Turkey Bacon Sub. For those who missed it, the sub had slices of turkey breast topped with crispy bacon and creamy guacamole on an eight-inch hoagie.

Spring Sneak Peeks is a way for students to try new foods for free and voice their opinions and feedback at Chartwells. At the event, Marketing and Student Engagement Manager Alicia Ticer handed students a survey card inviting them to complete an online sample food review while they waited for their sandwich is prepared.

Ticer said there has been steady income from students over the past three Sneak Peeks, which has given Chartwells the opportunity to engage with students and hear their feedback on their likes and dislikes. .

“Reviews of the tastings have been positive,” Ticer said. “Overall, we’re getting great feedback as we continue to develop and finalize the menus.”

Henderson Street Subs featured this sub which had slices of turkey breast topped with crispy bacon and creamy guacamole on an eight-inch hoagie at Houck on April 14. This is one of the new dining options to be implemented in the fall semester.

Photo by Kyrie Padberg

Freshman nurse Claire Garris and incoming freshman Noah Steckel described the sandwich as “tasty” and something they would buy for dinner next semester. It was the first event they attended, and the two plan to go to the next ones.

“Noah tried to take my sample because it was so good,” Garris said. “The sandwich was different from what we have on campus, and it was nice to try something new.”

Special education major Lilah Halveland tried a sample and said she was surprised how much the food had changed since she was a first grader.

“I wanted to get a second sample; the sandwich was fresh and made right in front of me,” Halveland said.

Pure Eats is also coming to SEMO this fall inside Towers Café and St. Vincent’s Commons. Ticer said Pure Eats is a restaurant that offers a menu that avoids the eight major food allergies and offers vegan and vegetarian options.

“We sampled Pure Eats a few weeks ago at Towers Café and St. Vincent’s Commons, and the students were thrilled. This reassured those who currently eat at the Oasis station that [Pure Eats] would have familiar flavors and selections with a modern twist,” Ticer said.

Graphic created by Kyrie Padberg

In the fall, students will be able to order from the full menu at Henderson Street Subs, Trading Post, Pure Eats, Bowl Life and Wild Pie on campus.

Every Thursday for the remainder of the spring semester, Chartwells will host Spring Sneak Peeks. Trading Post will be performing at Towers Café on April 21 from 5-9 p.m. Bowl Life will be performing at St. Vincent’s Commons on April 28 from 11:30-1:30 p.m. Wild Pie will be performing at Houck’s Place on May 5 from 5-9 p.m.

To learn more about Chartwells and the future of restoration, visit Chartwells Facebook page.

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