Kansas City nonprofit sends allergen-free food to Ida victims


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – For those who are gluten intolerant or suffer from celiac disease, finding healthy gluten-free foods can be a challenge. The same goes for countless other food allergies.

Now imagine being caught in a hurricane while relying on pantries or other low income sources to feed your family? This is the dire situation for thousands of residents along the Gulf Coast who lost their homes and more to Hurricane Ida.

This week, the Food Equality Initiative, a nonprofit founded and based in Kansas City, answered the call of anti-hunger organizations in Louisiana desperately seeking healthy, allergen-free food.

With the help of its partner Smart Warehouse, where its food is stored, FEI shipped 24 pallets of gluten-free and other allergen-free foods to the Gulf Coast.

“Foods without allergens can cost two to three times as much as food with common allergens,” said Emily Brown, Founder and CEO of FEI. “So it can be difficult, but especially in times of disaster, it’s really hard for families to find the food they need. “

Healthy Foods headed south on September 14, FEI proclaimed “Food is Medicine Day” to help raise awareness of the need for allergen-free foods in areas around the world. low income.

“Eating a healthy diet free from allergens and gluten is the only medicine that can improve the health of families with food allergies and celiac disease,” said Brown.

Brown and Amy Goode launched the Food Equality Initiative in 2014 to help low-income families get allergen-free foods and to educate them about the long-term effects of not treating celiac disease, as well as the importance of fruit. and vegetables for a healthy lifestyle.

Shipping food to hurricane victims was an extension of this and will be distributed through pantries and programs that were also hit hard by the storm.

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