Internet supports mom for throwing vegan children’s birthday party in Viral Post

A mother of three took to Reddit’s “Am I the Hole ***” forum following an argument with her husband over their daughter’s first birthday party. Specifically, she hopes to address her child’s egg and dairy allergies by serving only vegan food at the event, an idea her husband categorically opposes.

The post office went viral within hours of being shared, garnering 10,600 upvotes and 2,200 comments at the time of writing.

According to the anonymous mother, known as u / Specialist_Badger934, her youngest daughter was around 3 months old when the family found out about her egg allergy.

“After a series of tests, it was determined that she cannot have dairy or eggs in any form, not even baked / baked,” the Redditor noted.

The girl’s first birthday is next weekend, u / Specialist_Badger934 explained, and as such, she wants the celebration “to be totally safe for her,” which means “all food, drink, dessert , etc. will be free of eggs and dairy products “.

Although u / Specialist_Badger934 and her family eat meat, she noted that the party would indeed be vegan.

“We spent so much time figuring out what she was allergic to and avoiding it, I wanted to have a day where we didn’t have to watch everything she ate. And of course, being a baby, she did. tend to grab whatever she wants, so having no allergens means I don’t have to worry if any of our other kids … leaves their food within reach, “he said. she adds.

However, u / Specialist_Badger934’s husband objected to the plan, telling him that he “doesn’t want to have” only vegan food “” at the event because he and his family won’t eat it.

“I wasn’t planning anything too much there,” u / Specialist_Badger934 replied. “My mom volunteered to make her homemade vegetable soup, and I was going to make a chocolate cake and frosting. The only difference between a regular cake and frosting and the one I bake is applesauce instead of eggs and oat milk instead of [cow’s] Milk.”

Regardless, she explained that neither her nephews on her husband’s family side would eat the soup nor their parents. And while she suspects that her nephews would have appreciated the allergen-free chocolate cake, “as soon as [her] the in-laws found out it was ‘vegan,’ they said they wouldn’t eat vegan food, and neither did their children. “

“My husband just wants to make ‘normal’ pizza and cake because that’s what they love,” u / Specialist_Badger934 added. “I don’t understand the point of having a birthday meal that the birthday child can’t even eat.”

“I didn’t think it was too much to ask to have a day reserved for my daughter, when she’s going to have to spend the rest of her life working with everyone,” she concluded.

Plant-based diets are on the rise, and the idea of ​​having an allergen-free and / or vegan event is far from unusual these days. According to Statista, 2020 saw a significant increase in the sale of plant-based foods in the United States Over the 52-week period, sales of plant-based foods increased by 27%, surpassing the growth of 15 % observed in total food sales.

Additionally, milk and eggs are two of the nine most common food allergens, according to Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE). According to the association, about 2.5% of children under three have a milk allergy, while up to 2% of children are allergic to eggs.

Meanwhile, readers quickly sided with u / Specialist_Badger934.

“You are absolutely NTA and you should do it every birthday,” u / sarcasm_and_books noted in a top rated comment.

“Your daughter’s birthday is for her, not for them,” echoed u / DinaFelice. “If they’re stupid enough not to know that there are many delicious vegan options out there and refuse to try new things because they ‘know’ they won’t like it, maybe that they’re not mature enough to attend a one-year party. “

Others have suggested that in the future, the Redditor should completely stop disclosing to her husband if anything is allergen-free or vegan.

“If you hadn’t told him he would have eaten a vegan cake and never could have made a difference,” u / sonal1988 wrote.

News week contacted u / Specialist_Badger934 for further comment.

Boy blows out the candles on his birthday cake, 1970. A Redditor sought advice on Tuesday after a disagreement with her husband over their daughter’s birthday cake.
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