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With Covid-19, breathing clean air has become more important than ever. It is really important for allergies, asthma and respiratory problems. And if there are seniors at home, you want to make sure the air they breathe is clean. Lauren Acosta Huckleberry with Acosta Heating Cooling and Electrical has information on two products that will improve your air quality.

First of all, Phenomenal Aire is a great product. It works in conjunction with your existing air filters and it is a local product made here in Indian land. It works by creating billions of negative and positive ions. Your HVAC system then distributes them throughout your living spaces. These ions are attracted to the protein membrane of the virus and work to disrupt these proteins and envelop the virus, thus neutralizing the virus. In addition to reducing the risk of COVID-19 viruses in the air, Phenomenal Aire offers these advantages: Reduces unpleasant odors, No maintenance or spare parts No harmful by-products Reduces allergens.

The next Lennox PUREAIR product is more advanced. Lennox PUREAIR features the Lennox Healthy ClimateTM Carbon Clean 16 R air filter which provides hospital grade filtration. The PUREAIR system will replace the air filters in your home – no need to change your air filters! All air filtration occurs in the PUREAIR system and only requires maintenance once a year. This removes over 99% of the COVID-19 virus from the air, in addition to smaller viruses, bacteria and fungal spores. With zero ozone production and maximum air flow, Lennox PUREAIR provides constant, clean and perfect air for your home.

Remember, this is also the time of year when you have the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors replaced. Remember, September is a great time to have your furnace checked. Acosta wants to make sure there are no leaks in your oven or silent killer carbon monoxide emissions. Acosta is hosting a $ 59 heater and security check and tune up through September. That’s a 40% savings on your Heating Security Check and you’ll start the fall and winter months on the right foot. For more information, visit

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