If you suffer from allergies, it may be enough to use this simple remedy to rest better

Respiratory and even skin allergies are becoming more and more frequent. We are all very sensitive, for example, to dust mites, animal dandruff, but also to food or mold. When our immune system overreacts or exposes us to certain substances, called allergens, we are faced with an allergy.

Allergens can be present in the air, but also in foods, medicines and the environments in which we live. Nothing wrong with that if the allergic reaction is not severe. A few sneezes, watery eyes, itchy skin, rashes, even a runny nose are easy to manage. Although it is uncomfortable to live with the fear of coming into contact with certain substances that are difficult to avoid. More and more people are suffering from perennial allergies to house dust mites which, causing bothersome reactions, could even make rest impossible. As well as for people allergic to certain materials.

If you suffer from allergies, it may be enough to use this simple remedy to rest better

Allergy is a matter of hypersensitivity to foreign and possibly harmless substances that cause inadequate reactions. In order not to have ailments and troubles, it would be good to avoid contact with the allergen. For example, many of us sneeze while breathing in dust. Not to mention what could happen to those who, on the other hand, suffer from dust mite allergy. And we know how many mattresses contain which, if not properly treated or protected, could turn into a receptacle for dust mites.

People, adults or children, can have a sensitivity to these annoying, even ugly little beasts that feed on our dead skin. The symptoms of this type of allergy could affect our quality of life and even interfere with restful sleep. Indeed, in contact with these mites, asthma attacks or dermatitis could develop.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important, determined by many factors, including mattress, room temperature, pillows. Speaking of well-being, then, if you suffer from allergies, just using this simple remedy may be enough to help you rest better.

A special mattress

It originated in Northern Europe and Italy, it has now become popular and in common use. Those who follow the program with chef Bruno Barbieri, entitled 4 Hotel, will have discovered the importance of using a mattress topper on the mattress, necessary for people with allergies. The mattress topper, in fact, is a particular mattress cover that protects the mattress from dust, but also from perspiration, making our rest comfortable and enveloping. Those who use the mattress topper should not exclude the traditional mattress cover which will be used to cover the couple.

Unity is strength. Regardless of the materials used for padding and upholstery, it is important to opt for those that can receive anti-allergic and sanitizing treatments. For example, bamboo fiber mattress toppers, both in the padding and in the lining, are enjoying some success. Indeed, bamboo, naturally endowed with antibacterial properties, guarantees a good level of hygiene, without requiring additional treatments. Durable, green and sneeze-free.

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