If You Purchased This Delicious Dessert Topping At Walmart, You Need To See This Recall

If you love sweets, dessert reminders should be on your radar. This doubles if you or someone in your household has food allergies that prevent them from consuming certain ingredients. A new encore from Lily’s Sweets is a perfect example.

The company is voluntarily recalling 18,855 cases of 7-ounce peppermint flavored baking chips that may contain undeclared soy lecithin. People allergic to soy should avoid consuming desserts with this filling.

The Lily’s Sweets encore

Lily’s Sweets announced the recall a few days ago. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also shared the press release.

The company claims to have sold the product as a limited seasonal offer. The recalled Peppermint Baking Crisps were available exclusively at Walmart.

Lily’s Sweets says consumers have contacted the company, reporting finding pieces of white candy mixed with Lily’s peppermint baking chips. It is the ingredient soy lecithin which is not disclosed on the packaging. The company explains:

The disc-shaped white candy pieces contain soy lecithin, sugar and other ingredients not found in Lily’s Peppermint Flavor crisps

The company found that the error occurred at a co-manufacturer. As a result, Lily’s Sweets has issued the recall which affects 18,855 cases of Peppermint Baking Crisps.

You should be on the lookout for the UPC number 8-10003-46159-9 on the packaging.

The following lot codes are all part of the recall: 01/24/2023 BS, 01/25/2023 AS, 01/25/2023 BS, 01/25/23 CS, 01/26/2023 AS, 01/26/ 2023 CS, 01/26/23 CS, 01/27/2023 AS, 01/27/2023 CS, 01/27/23 CS, 01/28/2023 AS, 01/28/2023 CS, 01/31/2023 AS, 31/01/2023 BS, 01/02/2023 AS, 01/02/2023 BS, 02/01/23 CS, 02/02/2023 AS, 02/02/2023 BS, 02/02/23 CS , 02/03/2023 AS, 02/03/2023 BS, 02/03/23 CS, 02/04/2023 AS, 02/04/2023 BS.

what you should do

There were no reported illnesses or injuries when this new recall was announced. However, Lily’s Sweets advises people with severe soy allergies not to consume the dessert filling.

Even if you don’t have a soy allergy, you should still consider not using the dessert filling in the booster. This is because other people in your household, friends or guests may be allergic to soy. They could develop a severe reaction after consuming desserts made with this Lily’s Sweets filling.

The long shelf life of products like these toppings increases the risk of accidental consumption in the future. You could overlook the current Lily’s Sweets recall if you don’t act immediately.

Like any food allergy, a soy allergy can be fatal for people with a severe allergy to the ingredient. You should consult a doctor if you suspect any adverse reactions from consuming Lily’s Sweets Peppermint flavored baking chips in the recall.

Customers who purchased the toppings should contact Lily’s Sweets for a full refund. All the information you need to get your refund processed is available in the FDA announcement – see this link.

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