Exclusive! My mom makes the best dal rice; it’s my comfort food: Imlie actress Resham Prashant

Mumbai: Imlie is one of the most successful shows on television and has done well on the TRP charts since it hit the screens.

Resham Prashant is best known for her roles in Nazar and Pasant Aahe Mulgi.

Currently, we see her on the show Imlie. The actress tries her hand at the character of Preeta (doll), who is a little gray and difficult to play.

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TellyChakkar reached out to the actress and asked her about her food preferences and more.

What is your favorite cuisine?

Bombay chaat and ice cream are my favorites. I can eat them any time of the day.

A dish you don’t like to eat?

I eat everything without a fuss.

What is your favorite dessert ?

It’s ice cream all the way. I can keep eating it all the time.

What’s your favorite food joint?

I don’t have a food joint as such, but everyone should eat Mumbai corn on the cob during the rainy season. It’s the best feeling ever.

What’s your midnight craving?

I always have a box of ice cream in the fridge and I can continue to eat it.

Do you have food allergies?

No, I don’t have any allergies as such. Fortunately, I can eat everything.

A dish you would like to try one day?

I would love to try Sushi as I am very curious to try something new.

What is your mother’s dish that you like?

I love dal rice with ghee. My mom makes the best rice dal. It’s my comfort food.

Well, there’s no doubt that Resham has some great choices when it comes to food.

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