Egg on the face? Mom sparks fury online after smashing items in kid’s lunchbox


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The mom shared this snap of her daughter’s lunch that many found awesome, while others noted an issue with it. Photo / Facebook

An Australian mother who shared a photo of her daughter’s lunch on Facebook was forced to defend her after parents called her “reckless.”

The woman, whose 4-year-old daughter is in kindergarten, uploaded the image to a lunchbox Facebook group that has more than 160,000 members.

It showed the contents of the girl’s school lunch basket, including chopped strawberries, a sandwich and a boiled egg.

The Egg sparked a heated debate, with some Facebook users concerned about the dairy product due to the risk of allergy to other students.

“My daughter is allergic to eggs, according to our allergist it is the most common allergy, more common than nuts,” wrote one woman.

“One of my daughter’s friends from Kindy was so allergic that even if someone touched a nut or an egg and touched it, it came out with welts,” added another.

Others called the mother “irresponsible”, before she retaliated to defend the choice of lunch.

“They hinted that I didn’t care about allergies which I didn’t,” she wrote in the comments section.

“My daughter also likes almonds, but I don’t send these or peanut butter sandwiches due to the risk of allergy.

“There is no egg problem in my daughter’s preschool [kindergarten] if there was a serious problem, I would never put a child’s life in danger. “

Many defended the mother’s lunch choices, adding that they saw no problem with it.

In Australia, one in 10 young children has a food allergy. Cow’s milk, eggs and tree nuts are the most common food allergens.

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