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People who suffer from food allergies are always on the lookout for potential allergens in foods and drinks. These substances are harmless to most people. But they can cause a serious allergic reaction in others. When food manufacturers detect substances in their products that could cause such a reaction, they often issue a recall. Bokhary Foods has done this with some of the Godavari dried apricots it sells because the recalled products may contain undeclared sulphites.

Recall of dried Godavari apricots

The company just announced the recall after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a copy of the Press release on its website.

Bokhary Foods has issued a recall of Godavari dried apricots after routine sampling at a retail outlet. The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets has discovered the presence of sulfites in 14-ounce packages of Godavari dried apricots. As the substance does not appear on the label, apricots are now considered a health risk.

People who suffer from allergies to sulfites or who are sensitive to the substance are at risk of a “serious or life-threatening allergic reaction” if they consume the product.

As a result, Bokhary Foods has recalled two versions of dried apricots, including 7oz and 14oz packages (see below). Dried apricots are presented in transparent plastic film containers with the Godavari branding on the front. You will need to look for the following identifiers to find out if your dried apricot packaging is affected by the recall:

The 7 oz product UPC is 0 03658 50001 4 and the 14 oz product UPC is 0 03657 5001 5. There is no other coding on the packaging.

A 14-ounce package of Godavari dried apricots recalled by Bokhary Foods. Image source: Bokhary Foods via the FDA

Why is it dangerous

Bokhary Foods indicates in the press release that it has sold the recalled dried apricots in three states. Buyers in Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut purchased the apricots between July 10 and November 24, 2021. Since routine sampling, customers who consumed the recalled dried apricots have not reported any illnesses or allergic reactions. . However, the company is urging consumers not to eat the recalled dried apricots.

Sulphites are preservatives used in food, drink and medicine. They help preserve flavor and color, and they inhibit bacterial growth. But not everyone will tolerate them.

According to the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, asthma symptoms are the most common side effects after ingestion of sulfites. Allergic reactions caused by sulfites can include wheezing, hay fever, and hives. In very rare cases, they can lead to anaphylaxis.

What you should do

If you still have Godavari dried apricots from the Bokhary Foods recall, you must return the product to the place of purchase. You can also throw away the remaining stock to avoid any unwanted effects, especially if you are sensitive to sulfites.

Also be sure to check out the official press release on this link, which contains the contact details of the company.


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