Bethenny Frankel suffers an allergic reaction on vacation | Entertainment

Bethenny Frankel suffered a “medical emergency” when she was accidentally served the wrong meal.

The former ‘Real Housewives of New York’ star is currently vacationing with her 11-year-old daughter Bryn – whom she has with ex-husband Jason Hoppy – and although they have informed restaurant staff that the woman 51-year-old businessman is “deathly allergic” to fish, a mix-up led Bethenny to eat someone else’s food and have a bad reaction.

She said in a video shared on TikTok: “Last night my daughter told a waiter I’m deathly allergic to fish and we ordered the vegan menu and they accidentally gave us someone else’s food. .

“And we realized too late. It was a crisis. It was a medical emergency, with gunshots and [it] traumatized my daughter.”

Bethenny also urged her followers to be careful if they have allergies.

She tweeted: “If you have severe food allergies, please pack your epilator pen with an antihistamine.

“Even if you explicitly state a life-threatening allergy to something vegan, mistakes can happen.”

And the reality star admitted how difficult the situation was for her young daughter.

She tweeted: “Feeling the responsibility of administering the pen in fear all night was scary for her.

“Have a thorough and annoying medical plan before you travel.

“My daughter being terrified while I slept was the worst part, but she’s learning to be safely prepared on how to act in a crisis. Plus, I have the platform to remind people to be careful, have a medical plan when traveling. Always have 1 point info person answering at all times.”

In the wake of the scare, Bethenny plans to launch a charity initiative to fund the purchase of EpiPens for those in need of the lifesaving injections.

She tweeted: “I keep hearing how expensive cob pens are.

“I’ll think of a parallel charity effort on this topic by bryn. Activist parents are one thing, but teenage kids carry this stigma of responsibility for not being normal doubting people until something happens . (sic)”

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