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The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal has filed two complaints against the provincial health worker and the Premier of British Columbia regarding the provincial COVID-19 vaccination card.

As a rule, the court does not publish selection decisions, which are made to determine whether a complaint can be heard. However, due to the receipt of a “large volume” due to a “large volume” of inquiries and complaints alleging that the vaccination card is discriminatory, it was determined that it was in the best interests. public, according to court documents.

The first complaint was filed against Dr. Bonnie Henry, alleging that the evidence of the vaccination program discriminated against the plaintiff on the basis of his disability. The complainant claimed to have asthma and a case of pneumonia as a child. The applicant has also stated that he “does not want your investigational vaccine”.

Ultimately, his complaint was dismissed because he failed to link asthma to not being fully vaccinated. The US-based Allergy and Asthma Network has said it is safe for people with asthma to get the COVID-19 vaccine because they have not had an immediate or severe allergic reaction to the vaccine. or one of its ingredients.

The second complaint was against Prime Minister John Horgan, alleging that the vaccination card amounted to discrimination based on political belief.

Human Rights Tribunal President Emily Ohler wrote that political beliefs are only one ground for discrimination in employment, vacancies and membership in organizations related to the employment like unions.

The complainant filed her complaint on behalf not only of herself but of a category of “people who oppose being forced to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and being deprived of our fundamental human rights and freedoms ”.

Although Ohler agreed that a sincere belief opposed to government rules regarding immunization could be a political belief in the Human Rights Code, “I stress that protection against discrimination based on political belief does not exempt a person to follow provincial health ordinances or rules ”.

Ohler dismissed the complaint because it did not prove how political opposition to the vaccination card had a negative impact on the applicant’s employment and only referred to the announcement of the vaccination card. BC vaccination, not prescriptions requiring employees in certain occupations to be vaccinated.

Veronica Martisius of the BC Civil Liberties Association told Black PRess Media that there has been an increase in the number of people who “mistakenly” believe their human rights are being violated by public health orders.

“Just feeling oppressed by the government because you have been asked to wear a mask in a store or provide proof of vaccination to access non-essential services is not a human rights complaint. the person acceptable under the BC Human Rights Code, ”she said.

During this time, persons with disabilities who prevent them from wearing a face shield are entitled to reasonable accommodation.

“Reasonable accommodation may include serving an outside customer or providing an online delivery service. If reasonable accommodation is not provided to a person with a disability, this may constitute discrimination. “

The Office of the Human Rights Commissioner – a separate entity from the Human Rights Tribunal that exists to provide education, advocacy and policy around the British Columbia Human Rights Code – has reported receiving over 1,000 phone calls and over 4,000 vaccine-related emails from British Columbia. menu since August 28.

BC Human Rights Commissioner Kasari Govender said in a statement to Black Press Media that although she understands how people think the immunization card is a violation of their rights and that the exemptions medical facilities are a vital accommodation, she does not believe the program violates human rights.

“A person who chooses not to be vaccinated out of personal preference – especially when that choice is based on misinformation or misunderstandings of scientific information – has no grounds for filing a human rights complaint. ‘man. “

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