ART Allergy Release Technique Expands with Upper West Side Office

MANHATTAN, NY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ART Allergy Release Technique®, a holistic food allergy treatment company, is pleased to announce the opening of a new office on New York’s Upper West Side. Located at 115 Central Park West #5, the new, larger facility replaces the Brooklyn office and will expand access to the groundbreaking process, which has treated more than 700 clients to date. ART will hold an open house at the new space on October 26e from 6 to 8 p.m. to offer the public the opportunity to view the installation and learn more about holistic treatment.

ART opened its Brooklyn office in 2021 with a practitioner and immediately had a full practice. In just over a year, ART has added an additional practitioner and is excited to move to the Upper West Side to a larger facility that will allow these practitioners to serve more clients. More than 60 clients are currently scheduled for treatment, and ART hopes to make treatment available to those on the waitlist as soon as possible.

“Our new space will allow us to be more accessible to Manhattan families and reach customers who come from Westchester County, Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and beyond,” said Amy Rose ( formerly Amy Thieringer), founder and CEO of ART Allergy Release Technique. “Complete avoidance isn’t the only option for people with severe food allergies.”

Unlike the standard allergy treatment of oral immunotherapy (OIT), ART addresses the root cause of the allergy, which is the overactive immune system. ART identifies toxins and other stressors that overload the person’s immune system, alter the gut microbiome and calm the anxiety response. Once these issues are resolved, foods are slowly and safely reintroduced.

Rose started ART in 2005 in the Boston area following her own son’s anaphylactic reaction to nuts. After doctors told her that strict avoidance of all nuts was the only option for her son, she embarked on her own journey, developing a successful process for dealing with multiple and severe food allergies. With this holistic approach to treating food allergies, customers may eat foods to which they were previously allergic.

ART has been featured on CBS News, Forbes, Dr. Oz, NBC Boston, and involved in a retrospective study with Boston University and Boston Children’s Hospital, which was published in the Journal of Alternative and Integrative Medicine.

“Our goal is to bring hope to clients and their families by providing life-changing treatment that enables a full, free and fearless life without food allergies, and this new facility brings us one step closer to realizing a future where food allergies are completely eradicated,” Rosé said. “ART is reshaping the way allergies are treated and we’re evolving so we can see as many customers as possible.”

ART’s new Upper West Side location is now open. To learn more about ART, please visit the website at and follow ART on Instagram @allergyart.

About the ART Allergy Release Technique®

ART Allergy Release Technique® is a holistic treatment for food allergies. Based in Burlington, Massachusetts, ART resets the immune system and calms the anxiety response before slowly reintroducing foods that previously triggered an allergic reaction, ultimately allowing people to eat freely and live fully. The ART process was created in 2005 by founder and CEO Amy Rose (formerly Amy Thieringer), a certified nutrition and health coach. Since then, she and her growing network of certified and licensed ART practitioners have used it to treat hundreds of people with food allergies and other immune disorders and sensitivities.​ For more information, visit

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