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This is a press release from a registered nurse / mother:

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Vaxxed II, The People’s Truth comes out Wednesday November 13 at 7 p.m. If enough people buy tickets, this documentary will air locally in Humboldt.

Vaxxed II is about a group of people who travel more than 50,000 miles in the United States and around the world, explaining facts about vaccines that are hidden from the public. Interviews with parents and doctors who have nothing to gain and everything to lose expose the epidemic of vaccine injury and ask the question in the minds of all parents: “Are vaccines really too?” safe and effective as we have been told? “

According to the Health Resources and Services Administration, Vaccine Court paid more than $ 4 billion in the United States to successful parents for damage caused by the vaccine. But the so-called vaccine courts are difficult to navigate and the odds are against the parents.

Now, with mandatory vaccines implemented in California and a new law passed in September severely limiting medical exemptions, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get our doctors to explain the very real side effects of vaccines, especially for them. babies.

As a registered nurse and mother, I believe everyone has a right to know that vaccines not only have benefits but also risks, which is why I will be participating in Vaxxed II, The People’s Truth.

Be aware that the screening location is only disclosed when the date is imminent, as venues have been closed in the past – a form of censorship.

Please participate in this event and stand in solidarity with those of us who seek the truth.

Ticket link below:


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