Adverse Events Post-Vaccination Only 0.007% in Maharashtra, Data Shows | Pune News


PUNE: For the 8.52 crore of Covid vaccine administered in Maharashtra through October 6, post-vaccination adverse events (AEFI) were as low as 0.007%, state public health department data reveal .
Data shows that 6,656 AEFI have been reported since the start of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign until October 6. Almost 98% (6,497) of AEFIs were minor, approximately 1% (87) were severe, and 1% (72) severe.
Deaths, hospitalizations, or events causing disability or concern as a result of any vaccination are classified as serious and serious and are first investigated at the district level. Causality assessments, which help to understand whether the event was caused by the vaccine, are then conducted at the state and national levels.
A senior state health department official told TOI that of the nearly nine crore jabs administered in the state so far, the percentage of AEFI reported was only 0.008%, which was tiny.
“Districts first compile AEFI data, after which it is verified by the state and the Center. Most of the cases reported by the state are minor and include post-vaccination side effects such as dizziness, fever, local pain, and swelling. These beneficiaries are generally allowed to leave after half an hour of observation. A record is kept, which allows the beneficiary to be followed later in case other side effects are reported later.
The official said serious and severe AEFIs were those that required hospitalization, where beneficiaries were kept under observation until symptoms resolved. “Such reactions are from one or two recipients vaccinated on a lakh and, therefore, rare,” the official said.
“Every vaccine tends to give a reaction after administration. Therefore, all AEFIs are monitored at different levels, ”said the official, adding that many AEFIs were psychological, resulting from stress related to vaccination.
Dr Sanjay Deshmukh, Deputy Director (Medical), Circle of Pune, told TOI that serious and severe AEFI have so far been below 1% in Pune. “Anxiety-related reactions are resolved immediately, once the client is reassured. There is no systemic problem in such cases as the recipient’s vital signs such as pulse and blood pressure are normal, ”he said.
Deshmukh said some type of AEFI could be a vaccine product-related reaction caused by one or more of its product’s inherent properties, such as adjuvant, preservative or stabilizer. “It can be mild, moderate, severe or severe. Serious reactions such as anaphylaxis can be life threatening, while severe reactions can include paraplegia and limb disorders. Moderate reactions resolve within a few days, ”he said.
“AEFI kits have been provided to all vaccination centers. In the event of anaphylactic shock in a recipient, epinephrine is given intramuscularly to counteract anaphylaxis, ”he said.
Dr Om Srivastav, infectious disease expert and member of the State Covid Task Force, said: “It would take more than a few hundred multicenter studies with strong data on AEFI to accurately estimate the effects most serious secondary vaccines currently in progress. use. So, indeed, these side effects can be attributed to vaccines.

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