July 30, 2019

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Good Finance are under the active supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, which gives you as a customer the security of working with a serious partner. We are licensed mortgage lenders and approved as consumer credit institutions. Our employees are examined and licensed by Swedsec. An assessment at http://www.highriverhighlandgames.com/aboutus

What states does Good Finance have?


Mortgage Credit Brokers: This is a license required to pass on mortgage loans. At present, only a handful of companies in Sweden have this license. Good Finance are one of these. The license means, among other things, that you as a consumer must be guaranteed comprehensive and accurate information and that the company has legal responsibility and adequate liability insurance. Consumer credit institutions: The market for private loans (so-called blank loans) has many players with different conditions.

Good Finance have a larger and wider condition than most others. These include consumer protection, financial stability and active supervision so that all laws and regulations are followed. SwedSec-licensed advisers: Good Finance’s advisors are licensed by SwedSec AB, a company that serves companies under the supervision of Fiansinspektionen. The purpose of licensing employees is to maintain public confidence in the companies operating in the Swedish financial market. Those who receive a license must have approved results on licensing tests, undertake to comply with SwedSec’s rules and be suitable to hold a license.

What does Good Finance’s permission from Finansinspektionen mean?

What does Good Finance

The fact that Good Finance are authorized by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority means protection and security for you as a consumer, so that you know that you are dealing with a serious player. This regardless of whether it is a mortgage loan or to collect or apply for ordinary loans and credits. Simply put, our state is a guarantee that we know what we are doing.

Which is important when laws, regulations, amortization requirements and the market are constantly changing. Therefore, we cannot sit back, but must constantly update our knowledge and become even better. Anyone who needs a loan should meet with expertise, sincerity and respect. Therefore, one should choose a licensed loan broker, who does not take advantage of the customer’s situation and possible lack of knowledge.

What is Finansinspektionen?

Simply put, Finansinspektionen is a government agency that monitors the financial market. These include consumer protection, financial balance and supervision so that all laws and regulations are followed. This includes having a dialogue with the industry and other interested parties

. More formally, it can be said that Finansinspektionen should work to ensure that the financial system is stable, that it is characterized by high confidence, that there is a healthy and functioning market for households and companies’ needs for financial services and that there is good consumer protection. Finansinspektionen can intervene and punish financial companies that do not act. It sorts under the Ministry of Finance, is led by a Board of Directors and a Director General, and has about 500 employees who are focused on different parts of the financial market.


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